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Picture This

You’re the world’s most incompetent jewelry thief. After somehow managing to convince the clerk to “cough ‘em up,” it hits you like a sack of diamonds: you left your duffel bag at home. As you haphazardly stuff the jewels into your pocket, you realize your second mistake: that’s where your phone is. Congratulations. Not only are you going to prison, but the world’s hardest mineral just turned your phone screen into a crime scene: scratched glass, shattered dreams, and immeasurable regret. How could you possibly have prevented this unavoidable tragedy? Our lawyers advised us not to sell you a crash course in thievery, so we'll sell you a flawless screen protector instead.

The Wagyu Of Glass

“It’s just tempered glass. I can buy a 500-pack of that shit on Amazon for like three bucks.” You’re not wrong, chief. You can also buy 188 McDoubles instead of a tender slab of Wagyu beef. Much like Wagyu, our Glass has 360-degree smooth edges, oleophobic coating, and true edge-to-edge coverage of your phone display. While you'll never be able to try authentic Japanese A5 Wagyu, the most precise screen protector on the planet is just twelve and a half McDoubles away.

Two For One

We’re giving you two screen protectors with each order. That’s it. That’s the paragraph.



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