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Galaxy Z Flip Skins & Wraps


Premium Materials

Samsung's latest beta test is here - the Galaxy Z Flip. There's just one problem - with the constant opening and closing, it's an absolute fingerprint magnet. dbrand's Galaxy Z Flip skins will keep your glorified compact safe from greasy human oils no matter how many times you pull it out of your purse. Fold and unfold with confidence as our premium, true-textured Z Flip skins tantalize your fingertips. Plus, our exclusive relationship with 3M allows us to offer incredible Galaxy Z Flip skins you won’t find anywhere else. Better yet, when it’s time to upgrade to Samsung's next vanity project, you can retain that resale value without worrying about our skins leaving any residue. This phone will be out of style soon, so you’d better add those skins to your cart now.

Unrivaled Precision

At dbrand, precision is our guiding principle. For us, "sufficient" isn’t good enough. That’s why our Galaxy Z Flip skins are guaranteed to fit your phone flawlessly. We’ve prototyped and tested our process thousands of times before our skins come to market, just to make sure that they’re perfect. Do you know what failure looks like? Of course you do - stupid question. Failure looks like a second or third iteration on Z Flip skins. We pride ourselves on getting them right the first time. Other companies want you to buy their unfinished prototypes, and that’s why they aren’t the number one Galaxy Z Flip skin manufacturer on the planet. dbrand precision is a 360 degree process. The Galaxy Z Flip has 180 degrees of foldability. Add those together and you'll see that our Galaxy Z Flip skins are 540 degrees of perfection.

Unlimited Customization

Be honest: you were so eager to get a Galaxy Z Flip that you didn’t pay attention to which color you bought. Turns out, your Z Flip is going to be purple. Thankfully, dbrand is here to make your questionable purchasing decisions look good.. With all these materials to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find at least 12 that will make your friends envious. Know what will dazzle them more than just a foldable phone? A Mahogany foldable phone, that’s what. If wood’s not your style, you could always make your dainty device rugged with Green Camo. From Black Swarm to Red Carbon, our Galaxy Z Flip skins will make your vanity purchase look as flashy as possible. Scroll up and start building your masterpiece.

Our Mission

At dbrand, we’re committed to making expensive technology look and feel what it’s worth. We want your Galaxy Z Flip skin experience to be worlds beyond what you’re used to. From our state-of-the-art customization tool, to the smooth-as-silk checkout process, buying our Galaxy Z Flip wraps is simple. You’re frothing at the mouth to get your hands on those skins, which is why we offer lightning fast shipping options. Plus, if you’re buying more than $25 worth of Z Flip skins, you’ll get that fast shipping for free. Once the skins have arrived, our easy-to-follow/exceptional/thorough tutorial videos will help you install them perfectly, and our world-class customer support will be there in case you don’t. Other companies only want you to pad their bank accounts, we want you to feel good doing it. dbrand: It’s not a product. It’s a culture.™

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