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Galaxy S20 Plus Skins & Wraps


Premium Materials

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus is Samsung's latest achievement in their quest to release a phone every week. When stacked up against its direct predecessor, the S20+ eliminates several features that nobody wanted: the Bixby key, the headphone jack, the hole-punch notch... wait, that one's still in. Our Galaxy S20 Plus skins, on the other hand, don't have any features to cut - because they're all excellent. Texture, grip and scratch protection are all made possible by our dedication to using premium 3M materials when producing Galaxy S20+ skins. Worried about getting gunky adhesive all over your S20+? Don't be - dbrand's Galaxy S20 Plus skins are guaranteed to come off cleanly, leaving absolutely no residue. If only display notches were so easy to remove.

Unrivaled Precision

Imagine a poorly-fitting Galaxy S20 Plus skin. It's a little bit too wide, a little bit too short. The camera cutout is bigger than it needs to be, like it belongs on an Ultra. The illusion of a factory-custom S20+ has been completely ruined. Now, imagine an S20 Plus skin with literally none of these problems: that's dbrand. There's a reason we've trademarked the phrase "the most precise fit on earth™" - our Galaxy S20 Plus skins are the reason. Like a master swordsmith honing his blade, we've continually refined our prototyping process since we opened shop in 2011 - except our blades exist only to cut perfectly-fitting S20+ skins. Of course, we could find another use for those blades if you don't buy any Galaxy S20 Plus skins... but we're confident we won't have to.

Unlimited Customization

The question isn't whether or not you'll buy a Galaxy S20 Plus skin, it's what type of Galaxy S20+ skin you're going to buy. Our answer to that question: our one-of-a-kind Galaxy S20 Plus skin customizer. It's at the top of the page, and it contains tons of options that you can spend hours mixing-and-matching. They say money talks - after spending some time with our customization tool, your wallet will never shut up. Whether it's Black Camo, Red Carbon, or Black Swarm, you're guaranteed to find the Galaxy S20 Plus skin that's going to empty your bank account directly into ours. Once you've found it, click the "Buy" button. See you at checkout.

Our Mission

When buying S20 Plus skins from dbrand, check out with confidence. Our materials are high-quality, our precision is legendary, our variety is unmatched - you know all of this. What you might not know yet is that dbrand is built on a simple premise - a satisfied customer gives us more money. We like money. This philosophy is why we offer best-in-class email support, top-of-the-line tutorial videos, personalized post-it note drawings, as well as perks like free shipping on orders over $25. All of it exists so that this Galaxy S20 Plus skin purchase isn't your last. You'll keep coming back, until your last dime is spent. dbrand: It’s not a product. It’s a culture.™

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