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Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro 12.9" Skins & Wraps (Gen 5)


Premium Materials

Developing our Apple Magic Keyboard skins for the 12.9" iPad Pro seemed like easy money... until we encountered a problem: the paint job on these things is about as permanent as food coloring. As a result, we needed to work directly with 3M to source a new adhesive for our Magic Keyboard skins - one that would prove just as durable and residue-free, without damaging the fragile-as-glass finish on your Magic Keyboard for the 12.9" iPad Pro (Gen 5). The fact that you're on a product page for 12.9" iPad Pro Magic Keyboard skins says it all: we succeeded. Success is routine when we source all of our vinyl from the material science maestros at 3M. You know how any recipe is only as good as its ingredients? Of course not - you don't know how to cook. Take it from us: 3M vinyl is the A5 Wagyu beef of Magic Keyboard skin materials. Durable, scratch-resistant, with a texture to die for - dinner is served.

Unrivaled Precision

The production of perfectly-fitting Apple Magic Keyboard skins for the 12.9" iPad Pro (Gen 5) is a delicate, razor's edge balancing act. Too long? Your Magic Keyboard skin will start peeling. Too short? The full-coverage effect is completely lost. Good thing you've come to dbrand for your 12.9" iPad Pro Magic Keyboard skins. For us, precision isn't an empty marketing term or a bullet-point on the back of the packaging. It's a way of life. We could have taken our intense attention to the most microscopic of details and applied it to something more lucrative, like curing cancer. Except, we don't want to cure cancer. We want to make incredibly precise Magic Keyboard skins for the 12.9" iPad Pro, precise enough that your peers will think your Magic Keyboard is factory-customized. They'll ask you where you got your incredible custom Magic Keyboard. You'll say "Straight from Cupertino!" They'll reply: "Magic Keyboards are made in Shenzhen." With the jig up, you'll have no choice but to tell them the truth: you bought iPad Pro 12.9" Magic Keyboard skins from dbrand. They'll all buy their own. We'll be richer, and your friends will never entrust you with anything ever again. We'd call that a win-win.

Unlimited Customization

Take a look at our 12.9" iPad Pro Apple Magic Keyboard skin customizer at the top of this page. What do you see? Thankfully, we're not able to read your answers. We'll assume you said something like "I see some buttons that will let me customize my Magic Keyboard skins for my 12.9-inch iPad Pro (Gen 5)." You're correct, but you're also wrong. See, when we look at our do-it-yourself Magic Keyboard skin builder, we see possibilities. Limitless possibilities, the kind that are only possible when you offer as many different 12.9" Magic Keyboard skin materials as dbrand. Whether it's Black Swarm, Green Camo or White Marble, you'll find the Magic Keyboard skin that's perfect for your 12.9" iPad Pro, and by extension, you. As an added bonus, we'll even throw in a matching skin for your iPad camera - free of charge. Want to take the customization a step further? Grab some Frame skins for your iPad - you can match your Magic Keyboard skin or go for a two-toned look. We promise that when we judge you, it will be silently.

Our Mission

Let's recap what you know about our Apple Magic Keyboard skins for the 12.9" iPad Pro (Gen 5). You've seen the possibilities. You've heard about our legendary precision. You've been blown away by our custom, high-quality materials. There's just one piece missing in this puzzle - you. Where do you fit in? Well, it starts when you buy some 12.9" Magic Keyboard skins. You'll have a choice of shipping options, including such hits as "Free shipping on orders over $25" and "Overnight shipping via FedEx". Once you've made your selection, getting through our secure payment gateway is a breeze. Then, it's only a matter of time before your Magic Keyboard skins are on your doorstep, just waiting to be applied to your 12.9" iPad Pro. Rip open the envelope, watch our tutorial video, and marvel at your newly-customized Magic Keyboard. Then, and only then, will you understand what it means when we say... dbrand: It's not a product. It's a culture.™

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