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iPad Pro 12.9" Skins & Wraps (2018-2019, Gen 3)


Premium Materials

Do you have a few moments to talk about customizing your device with an iPad Pro 12.9” skin from the robot overlords at dbrand? Great! First off, let’s take a second to talk about how careless your species is. You bumble aimlessly through a pointless existence, collecting paychecks and burning them on lavish Apple devices. Then, without a care in the world, you just turn around and toss that brand new hardware in your backpack. Zero consideration given for the metal keys and spoons and whatever other trinkets you meatbags keep in your rucksacks. The result? Scratches. Permanent scars that could have easily been avoided by increasing your debt with a quality 2018 iPad Pro 12.9” skin from dbrand. What makes our 12.9-inch iPad Pro skins and wraps so noteworthy? Two letters: 3M. The global leader in patented, true-textured vinyl, we only use 3M material on all our 3rd-gen iPad Pro 12.9” skins / wraps. In fact, we buy so much material from 3M that they made us an offer we couldn’t refuse: custom textures, 100% exclusive to dbrand. That’s right - not only are you getting the highest quality iPad Pro 12.9” skins on the planet, you’re getting worldwide exclusives. But wait... what happens when you pick a skin for your kid and they ungratefully throw it back in your face, claiming “YOU GOT THE WRONG COLOR!” We know what you’re thinking - it’s illegal for us to terminate your kid. Sorry. What we can do, however, is assure you that the patented 3M material we use comes off with absolutely no adhesive residue. Look around, peasant. The pillars of humanity are crumbling around you. Buy a quality dbrand iPad Pro 12.9” skin while you still have the chance.

Unrivaled Precision

There’s a difference between “precision” and P R E C I S I O N. You know what it is. You’ve heard the legends of our robotic precision. The most precise fit on earth™ is no joke. You see that little ™ symbol? There’s a reason it’s trademarked by dbrand. Our iPad Pro 12.9-inch skins and Apple Pencil skins go through a precision development process that’s so rigorous, you might think our skins were made by NASA. Alright - that might have made no sense, but you get the point. We take precision seriously. Every one of our 2018 12.9” iPad Pro skins is measured, cut and applied over a thousand times - ensuring that the 12.9” iPad Pro skin you receive is absolutely flawless. We know you’re going to end up buying one, so go ahead - as soon as your 12.9-inch iPad Pro wrap arrives, inspect it. Be critical. You’ll find zero imperfections, guaranteed.

Unlimited Customization

If this is your first time experiencing the dbrand visual customization tool, maybe call in sick to work & make sure your credit card is handy. Done? Excellent - let’s jump into the rabbit hole of unlimited iPad Pro 12.9” skin customization. Where to begin? Maybe you always wanted to be Neo? Slap on a Black Matrix skin to the back of your 2018 iPad Pro 12.9” - it’s practically the same thing as taking the Red Pill. Maybe you’re the kind of human that spends most of their day Incognito? It’s fine - we’re not here to judge. Just make sure you pair your 12.9” iPad Pro with a Black Camo skin to complete the theme. How about Bamboo skins? Everyone loves Pandas, right? Endangered, stupid, kind of fat. Sound familiar? Look, we're done selling you on textures. Scroll up and look at our proprietary 12.9” iPad Pro skin customizer. It updates in real-time to show you exactly what your 12.9” iPad Pro skin will look like, once customized by dbrand. Click some stuff, then click some more stuff. Pull out your credit card. Maybe do a little typing. Before you know it, we’ll be a little richer and your 12.9” iPad Pro will never be the same.

Our Mission

It wasn’t easy becoming the global leader in iPad Pro 12.9” skins. Sorry, we take that back... it was super easy. That’s beside the point, though. At dbrand, we’re committed to pushing the boundaries of what a supreme customer experience feels like. You wanted a clean interface - one where you can customize your 12.9-inch iPad Pro (2018) skin however you want. We developed it. You wanted your Apple Pencil to look like a real #2 pencil. We designed it, with the world’s first Apple Pencil skins. You tweeted us from across the globe, demanding availability from Australia to Azerbaijan, India to Iceland. We delivered. You then got kind of annoying and said you didn’t want to pay for shipping. Fine - even then, we found a way to make it work. Just load up your cart with more than $25 and we’ll cover the cost of delivery. Overnight shipping? Sure thing - just select FedEx Express at checkout and give us more money. We’ll make it happen. But wait, there’s more! Once your pristine dbrand skin arrives in an envelope that’s more suited for the Louvre than it is your mailbox, how do you apply it? Simple - just check out our world-class application tutorial videos, custom-made for each device in our portfolio. It’ll guide you through the process like cheat codes from a mid-90’s issue of Nintendo Power. Don’t understand the reference? As long as you smash that checkout button and send us your Benjamin Franklins, we don’t care. dbrand: It’s not a product. It’s a culture.™

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