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Galaxy Fold Skins & Wraps


Premium Materials

In this section, we'd usually write something about the quality of our Galaxy Fold skin materials. We'd brag a little bit about the fact that we only use 3M materials; how it's the absolute highest grade vinyl on the planet. We might even tell you that, because of our massive buying power with 3M, many of the materials such as Swarm and Bamboo are dbrand exclusives. We'd continue by stuffing a couple of "Galaxy Fold skins" phrases in the text to help Google recognize that this page has Galaxy Fold skins on it. The reality is, we don't need to. What are you gonna do? Go get your Galaxy Fold skins somewhere else? You gonna go buy a half-baked case for it? Good luck. We're the only game in town.

Unrivaled Precision

The legends are true: dbrand skins are precise and our Galaxy Fold skins are no exception. Did we mention that they're precise? Very precise. Like NASA-levels of precision. You probably don't even own a Fold, though. Why are you here?

Unlimited Customization

We've got Fold skins. Lots of 'em. Black Camo Galaxy Fold skins, Carbon Fiber Galaxy Fold skins, Matte Black Galaxy Fold skins. Lots of Galaxy Fold skins. We've also got a real-time preview interface so that your pea-sized brain doesn't have to imagine what it'll look like. Words are hard and your reading comprehension skills are probably terrible, so here's what you're gonna do: scroll up, pick a Fold skin combo, then buy it. We'll see you at checkout.

Our Mission

Our brand promise is simple: It's not a product. It's a culture.™ When you pay our extortionate prices, you get more than just the highest-grade, most precise Galaxy Fold wrap on the planet. You get more than same-day customer service attention and expedited global delivery. You get to join the dbrand culture and thank us for the privilege.

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